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Spring 2021 Workshop

Q:  Are guests allowed to attend?
A:  Yes, they are able to join you. The pricing includes single and double occupancy.  If an agent would like to have 3 , 4, or 5 occupants in their stateroom, it is first-come-first-serve, and they must email to move forward with this process.   Please note, your guest will not be able to attend agency workshops or tours - these are only for GT Agents.  Guests are welcome to attend the (planned) cocktail party, meals, and personal excursions you plan on your own.
Q:  How do I sign up?
A:  Click this link to get started!
Q:  How do I sign up multiple guests?
A:  Click this link to get started!  The agent will sign up and choose the room type and payment plan.  If a guest joins the agent, the agent will sign up again, with the guest option.  This does not include staterooms with 3, 4, or 5 guests.  If an agent wants three or four people in a stateroom, they must email
Q:  Can I Make Payments?
A:  We have set up the allowable payment schedules in our payment system.  You can take a look Here.
Q:  What does my 2020 Spring Workshop fee include?
A:  It includes our sailing with Norwegian, workshop space, workshop speakers, all meals, special events, and a few other goodies :)
Q:  What if I pay but need to cancel?
A:  The cost of the trip is Non-refundable 30 days after your payment or until January 1st, whichever comes first.  This is due to the final payment date with Norwegian when we need to release the rooms we've booked.
Q.  Can I share a room with another agent?
A.  Yes, you will each sign up under the double occupancy category and select your roommate's name.
Q.  How do I book pre and post-night stays?
A.  We will provide a few hotels that may work for you, but we also encourage you to learn how to book these hotels and transfers on your own, if you'd like.  We recommend using bedsonline as your supplier.
Q.  Can I bring my children?
A.  Absolutely!  Though they will not be able to attend GT Agent Exclusive tours and meetings, they are welcome to stay with you and your guest, in the stateroom. It is the agent's responsibility to ensure childcare is available on the ship during agent activities, or younger guests are of age for the onboard kids club, and those clubs are open during the corresponding agent events.  
Q.  Are transfers included?
A.  Transfers are not included with this cruise.
Q.  Is the Internet Included?
A.  Yes, we will be purchasing an Internet package for each agent as part of your workshop fee.
Q.  Can I book my own excursions?
A.  Yes, as soon as you receive your reservation number, as part of our group, you may book your own excursions.  Please keep in mind our schedule has not been set, and we may change meeting times, locations, Gateway Excursions, tours, etc...
Q.  Is Airfare included?
A.  No, we suggest booking your airfare as soon as possible, as we've found airfare is cheaper, the further out you book it.
Q.  I don't have a roommate, but I want to pay double occupancy pricing.  What do I do?
A.  You may sign-up for double occupancy pricing and we will attempt to find you a roommate for your trip.  Your roommate will be of the same gender and will be an agent with Gateway Travel.  If a roommate is not found, you will be given an option on January 1st to pay the additional amount for a single occupancy room or cancel your trip for a full refund.
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