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CLIA/IATA Requirements


The CLIA and IATA cards are perks for being a travel agent with a company like Gateway Travel that works with these regulatory authorities.  The most notable benefits for obtaining these cards are inclusive of the following: Extra training direct from the regulatory site and discounts reaching over 50% with our preferred suppliers.


CLIA Requirements:  CLIA/EMBARC card is a calendar year expiration card.  To be eligible to apply for the CLIA/EMBARC card you must be enrolled in the 80% or 90% commission level OR exceed $3,000 in successful commissions!  Please email for instructions on how to apply.

Once you have applied for the CLIA/EMBARC card an approval email will be sent to our agency. Please email: to let us know you have applied to speed up the approval process. Please note that all expenses for this card are the responsibility of the agent applying.


IATA Requirements: IATA card registration is done through our agency.  Please send an email to for IATA card requests.  IATA cardholders, no matter the package, must produce $5,000 in commission before access into the program is granted.  The annual cost of the IATA card is the responsibility of the agent. 

Fam Trips: Familiarization trips are designed to give the agent a close-up look at resorts for a discounted price, in order to help the agent sell the supplier.  These trips are always available and open to any agent who sells over $1,000.00 in commission per year.  This stipulation doesn't include the potential requirement for a CLIA or IATA card, which some FAM trips require.  Find out what is needed for the FAM trips you desire before contacting Gateway, just in case you don't have the required documents.

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