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-  Welcome!  -

Thank you for choosing our agency to partner with you!  We look forward to helping you make your business a successful one in the Travel Industry!

Below are the steps you need to take to get started in the right direction.  Our goal is to help you establish your business and become confident in selling travel.

Step 1:  Fill Out Your Agent CRM profile

Please take a few minutes and completely fill out your Agent CRM profile.  This is REQUIRED before ANY additional logins are given. Once you have completed this step, you are allowed to book and sell travel to clients! If you have any difficulties with your CRM profile, please email our New Agent Support team at:

- Agent CRM Profile -

Step 2:  Fill Out Your W-9 IRS Form

In order for our company to stay compliant with the IRS, we need ALL of our new agents to fill out a W-9 IRS Form.  Please fill out the W9 Link below, sign it, and submit your form electronically. 

- W-9 IRS Form -

Step 3:  Join our New Agent Facebook Group


All of our announcements are posted first on our Gateway Travel Agents (Training) Facebook page.  This is a space created just for you to introduce yourself, ask beginner questions, and get to know other new agents just like you! It is A MUST to join the FaceBook page or you will miss out on all the updates, direction, and information about the company.  After 60 days, you will gain access to our main Gateway Travel Agents Facebook page

In order to make sure you see ALL posts on this page, please make sure to click on Notifications under the logo and choose ALL Posts.  This will ensure that you see ALL of our Gateway Travel Admin posts!

- To the Facebook Group! -

Step 4:  Training


We have an awesome Training System for our New Agents!  Once you have logged into this website, click the training tab, and follow the prompts to the Training System.  From here you can access the Catalog and enroll in the main 3 module classes. 


These 3 training modules are designed specifically to help ALL of our agents, whether you are an experienced travel agent OR this is the first time that you are selling travel.  We HIGHLY encourage you to take the time to go through each module to gain helpful insight into setting up your business, talking with clients, and marketing.  


- Training -

Step 5:  Agent Universe

Travel Leader's Agent Universe is the travel consortium we are a member of and where you will find valuable supplier information and training.  

Agent Universe will be your go to website for supplier training, supplier specials, and FREE marketing!  To take advantage of all this website has to offer, register as an Independent Contractor by using the following link:

Once your Independent Contractor registration has been approved, go to to login.  Then you will need to get your profile set up and ready to go.  You profile can then be uploaded to the Travel Leaders public website and help to generate quality leads for you.  


Also, please take advantage of the FREE On Demand Training Lessons found in the Learning Management System. Travel Leaders has a lot of really good tips and tricks available to you including the On Demand Lesson- Agent Profiler Overview.  This is a great way to make your profile shine bright!  

Approved Suppliers

We work with so many different suppliers that it can be overwhelming knowing which ones you want to register with. In order to figure out which ones you should choose, click on the button below to find your Niche!




From here you can choose which Approved Suppliers would be best for your business!  

Here are a few of our more popular suppliers:

  • VAX

  • Disney

  • AIG Travel Guard Insurance  

  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

  • Classic Vacations

  • Funjet (found in VAX)


You can also head over to the Supplier Listing and register for any of the Approved Suppliers that cover your area of expertise. Once you have your feet wet, browse around and select a few other suppliers you would like to know better.  Our Supplier Listing can be found in the CRM under Supplier Listing.

***Please note that Agents are ONLY allowed to book with Approved Suppliers from our Supplier Listing! If you book a supplier not on our list, we can not guarantee commission will be paid out!***


After you have registered with the suppliers you want to work with, you are READY TO BOOK!!  


Here are a few different ways to book with suppliers.  Please choose the method that works best for you! 

  • Book on the supplier's website*

  • Book on an agent search engine like VAX*

  • Book on the phone by calling the supplier*

*Please double check to make sure that ALL client documents are sent to YOUR address!! If they are sent to our agency address, they will NOT be mailed to you.

***ALL Supplier information can be found on the Supplier Listing in the CRM***

After you have booked your client's trip, head over to the CRM and follow these steps:

  1. Log into the CRM and click on Add Client from the tool bar below our logo.

  2. Enter in your client's personal information and click submit. *This is a VERY secure database, so ALL information is private and safe*

  3. Then click on Client Listing from the tool bar, find the client you just entered and click on Details by their name.

  4. Scroll down past their personal info and click on New Booking. Enter in ALL of your client's trip information and save by clicking Submit. The more you enter the easier it is to get paid on time


-You will only need to add client information ONE time. If re-booking a client, please follow steps 3 & 4 ONLY.

-Please expect varying times for commissions to be delivered.  You can find general commission delivery times, here. If you have NOT been paid within those delivery windows, please head over to our Commissions page to fill out a Commissions Research Form.   

If you have any questions, or issues logging in, please contact our new agent support team!

They can be reached at:

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