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First Things First

Give us a follow on all the Social Media platforms you currently use and we'll follow you back.  Why?  Credibility.  Having the backing of a large reputable company like Gateway Travel is part of the reason you chose us!  Our social channels preach encouragement, positive culture, being yourself, and most importantly, using our travel agents...That's YOU!

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Using Social Media

Using Social Media can be a challenge at first.  If you haven't used anything outside of Facebook, then research a little bit before you start.  We've laid out the best practices for you and your social media channels in our third training module.


When branding your social media channel, especially when you start out, you'll want to ride our coat tails.  This is why we suggest adding - "A Gateway Travel Partner" to ALL your Social Media platforms.  Why?  Again, Credibility.  You want your client to know that you are being backed with some good old fashioned muscle. This tag line will also help cover you under Gateway Travel's Insurance and Licenses!

Please find guidelines below for each social media platform 


What should you post?


Videos are king.  Even with Facebook's new algorithms, people have shifted and watch videos more than they read.  Post videos, post live videos, and post other videos.  It's all important.


Comments and interaction with your posts help them rank higher in every social platform that you'll use.  Create content with questions that allow your followers to interact with you.


Giveaways are popular and also spur sharing of your social channels.  Businesses with giveaway all sorts of prizes to promote their company.  You'll see things like "share and tag two people to be entered for your chance at this!"  This works!  Do something small at first and always give something that will promote your brand or company name.

Travel Ban Social Media Content

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