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Cruise Ship in Bay

November 6th - 10th, 2023


*Does not include special meals, pre and post night rooms, or flights.   Details on Rooms are below


2023 Review

This is a great opportunity for all our agents.  We'll have cruise workshops, as well as Agency sessions, as we build upon each of your business goals with new information and the future of the travel industry.

Cruise Ship
Agenda (TBD)
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Q:  Are guests allowed to come?
A:  Absolutely!  Please note, your guest will not be able to attend agency workshops, tours, or agent exclusive events.

Q:  How do I sign up?
A:  Click any of our registration buttons on this page to get started!

Q:  How do I sign up multiple guests?
A:  There is no need to register multiple guests.  You'll register yourself, as the agent, and your guests will join you separately.

Q:  Can I Make Payments?
A:  No, we are not allowing payment options for registration at this time.  You are, however, able to make payments for the cruise on the cruise-line's website.  You will be given further instructions after registration.
Q:  What does my 2023 fee include?
A:  It includes our conference fees and special events throughout the FAM.

Q:  What if I pay but need to cancel?
A:  You can cancel within 30 days of registration.

Q.  Can I share a room with another agent?
A.  Yes, if you and an agent would like to split a room, that's great!  You'll both need to register, but can take care of your rooming requirements on the cruise-line's website.

Q.  Can I bring my children?
A.  Absolutely!  Though they will not be able to attend GT Agent Exclusive tours and meetings, they are welcome to stay with you and your guest, in the stateroom. It is the agent's responsibility to ensure childcare is available during agent activities.  Children will not be allowed.

Q.  Are transfers included?
A.  No, transfers are not included.  They can be booked through a third party or directly through the cruiseline.  You may also share a cab, Lyft, or Uber to your destination.

Q.  Is Airfare included?
A.  No, airfare is not included.
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