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FAQ - Commission Schedule


What is "Total Commission Volume"?

Total Commission Volume refers to the total commission received from the Supplier.  If you sell a vacation that cost $4,800 and the agency receives a 10% commission of $480, then we would count $480 towards your goal to move to the next commission tier.


How long will I remain at my current Commission Level?

As long as you are consistently booking travel and meet the “Total Commission Volume” status you will remain at that level. Each years-end agents “Total Commission Volume” status will be reviewed and evaluated for the following calendar year.
Example: If you are earn a total commission volume of $3,700.00 for the year 2012 you will remain at 65% for the entire calendar year of 2013 and revaluated at the end of 2013 to determine your 2014 starting commission level.


What do you mean by “Calendar Year”?

The Calendar Year runs from January 1 through December 31. This is the timeframe we review “Total Commission Volume” and determine percentage of commission for our agents.


Does my commission change as soon as I reach the Total Commision Volume required to change tiers? 

Yes! When you reach your “Total Commission Volume” and funds for those trips have been paid to you, you will automatically be moved to your next commission percentage. You will be notified of the commission change when you are paid for that month’s commission. 

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